Thursday, December 31, 2009

Magnum opus.

I've finally finished my first super bulky project, and it's a two-fer: the Wisteria Scarf and the Aspen Hat, both designs by Wenlan Chia.

I totally adore this scarf. My fellow knitpistol Audrey made it for her mother, and I loved how long she made it (although I didn't realize it at the time that she simply used up all her Twinkle). I used Cascade Magnum, which has more yardage per skein, so I had plenty leftover to play with. While I felt a little cartoonish working with size 35 needles, it was certainly a quick knit between the superbulky yarn, humongeous needles, and lace pattern. Before I knew it, I'd added another 20 inches to the length, which turned out to be enough length that I could wrap it around my neck and still have it hang down to my thighs, adding more warmth to my black leather coat. The feel of this yarnporn is FABULOUS, the lace pattern somehow braidlike and delicate, and the color deep and rich.

I might just be a knitter.

You know you have a knitting problem when, after several failed attempts at starting:
  • Not only are you now knitting regularly, you have several projects going at once;
  • You actually use your Ravelry account and have catalogued your stash;
  • You refer to the really good (read: expensive) part of your stash as yarnporn;
  • You meet with other knitters each week to deal with your addiction;
  • You begin to modify patterns--even if it's only a couple of first;
  • You actually create a blog to document your obsession and feed into your Ravelry account.
I have finally reached this point. Welcome to my addiction.